How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings

Learn how to reduce energy consumption in your commercial building.

Learn how to reduce energy consumption in your commercial building.

If you look around your commercial building, it won’t take long before your eyes land on an opportunity to reduce the building’s energy consumption. You’d be surprised how much of your utility bill is accounted for by energy waste. Here’s a guide for how to reduce consumption with better energy efficiency.

Measure Your Use

To be able to reduce your energy consumption, you’ll need an understanding how exactly how much energy your commercial building is currently consuming. To do this, start gathering up all the information you have from your utility bills. Next, it’s as easy as using an online portfolio management program to help you calculate and better understand the numbers. It will calculate your energy use intensity by dividing the amount being used in a year by the total gross floor area in your building. Compare those numbers to those in the benchmark report published by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Use LED Lighting

LED lighting and energy efficiency are terms that are frequently used together. LED lighting and upgraded fixtures use much less energy than other options and last longer as well. This means that you’ll see a dip in your utility bills and the amount of time and money you’ll spend changing light bulbs.

Upgrade the HVAC

New, upgraded HVAC systems will help reduce your energy consumption, simply because they run better. New systems work with updated technology, are cleaner, and operate more efficiently. They even provide the added benefit of better indoor air quality. Newer HVAC systems also come with programmable features that allow you to set your heating and cooling to the most optimal temperatures throughout the year.

Upgrade the Appliances

For all your building’s appliances, including refrigerators, vending machines, or microwaves, look for items that feature the Energy Star label. This lets you know that product is designed to run more efficiently than other options. Your appliances are a major source of energy consumption, especially those that are seemingly running all the time. Energy efficient models use less energy, which will make them worth the investment it will take to upgrade, once you see your next utility bill.

Use Smart Plugs

Smart plugs work in conjunction with an app, which allows you to control and monitor the amount of energy consumption of a particular appliance. Many appliances, even when turned off, continue to use energy. The smart plug will allow you to completely turn off the appliance so that it will stop using energy when not in use.


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