Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partner Program

Learn more about the Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partner Program.

Learn more about the Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partner Program.

EcoXpert specialists are located all over the world, cultivating collaboration and innovation to deliver cutting-edge technology to our customers. EcoXperts work to provide the industry’s best technology to buildings and are trained and certified by Schneider Electric on processes, systems, and tools. Continue reading to learn more about the EcoXpert Partner Program.

What Is EcoXpert?

The EcoXpert program is an esteemed partnership between Schneider Electric and the world’s leading technology providers, with over 3,000 EcoXperts in 40 countries. They are all are trained and certified by Schneider Electric, and have some of the highest competencies in the industry, including system integration, building optimization, and power management. The program offers specialized training for various vertical industries, which enables our experts to understand and resolve the criticalities that customers face every day. EcoXperts can also leverage their local network to connect expertise and develop all-in-one technology solutions.

How It Works- Badges and Certifications

The EcoXpert program is a tiered structure with four levels: partner, EcoXpert partner, Certified EcoXpert, and finally, Master EcoXpert. There are two badges and three certifications available in the U.S., and we have nearly 200 partners recognized by these credentials. The certifications represent additional competency in a specific industry, including healthcare, data centers, and BMS services.

Badges include BMS EcoXperts, who have proven expertise in delivering optimized facility and energy efficiency, comfort and safety through HVAC applications. Many of those who have earned this badge also have demonstrated knowledge in integrating building management systems into other systems such as access control, video surveillance, lighting control, and power distribution solutions. The badge for Critical Power is earned by providing expertise in deploying power management systems. This includes employing advanced metering networks, power quality management and best-in-class software tools to help buildings manage energy costs, improve electrical systems reliability, and optimize electrical equipment performance.

Customer Benefits

EcoXperts have access to Schneider’s industry-leading offer portfolio, and can connect technologies to deliver innovation at every level for smarter buildings, more reliable infrastructures, and optimized energy efficiency. Schneider Electric selects the best technology companies in the world to join our program. EcoXperts are partners who care, committed to the longevity of your satisfaction and success. Our customers experience specialized training to resolve challenges, connected expertise to enable cost-effective solutions, and a partnership that is committed to the longevity of their success.


At Critical Systems, the people come first, from our employees to our customers. We strive to attract and develop the best talent in the business. Our goal is to deliver innovative solutions for the purpose of making every building secure, efficient, and effectively managed.

Serving the Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Baltimore regions, Schneider Electric Buildings Critical Systems provides innovative solutions for your commercial building or facility. Visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ today! If you’re looking for more information or interested in working with us on your next project, please contact us!

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