Schneider Electric New Power Quality Meter: The PowerLogic ION9000 Series

Learn about Schneider Electric’s new power quality meter: The PowerLogic ION9000 series.

Learn about Schneider Electric’s new power quality meter: The PowerLogic ION9000 series.

Schneider Electric has expanded the EcoStruxure Power lineup with a new power quality meter called the PowerLogic ION9000 series. The product features advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT), event analytics, and accuracy, making it two times more accurate than any other meter on the market. Continue reading to learn more about The PowerLogic ION9000 meter.

The PowerLogic ION9000

The ION9000 is a key element in Schneider Electric’s open, IOT-enabled system- the EcoStruxure Power platform. The system delivers enhanced value around safety, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for customers. This meter was built on the success of the ION7650 and is the latest generation of advanced power quality meters. It offers the industry’s leading capabilities with five core innovations including high-quality performance, cybersecurity ready, power quality analysis, smart power event analysis, and patented ION programmability.

The meter uses third-party certified Class 0.1S accuracy that offers twice the precision of existing energy standards and unlocks new possibilities for energy savings. By being cybersecurity ready, the meter is designed to align with policies to assist in eliminating vulnerabilities to critical power assets and systems.

The power quality analysis provides information and data with its onboard PQ tool, and the ION9000 has extended waveform capture and patented disturbance direction detection. The smart power event analysis saves time and provides critical insight by automatically correlating trends, events, and waveforms based on the time and type of incident. Lastly, the patented ION programmability makes it possible for users to adapt as their power networks become more dynamic, which protects their investment into the future.

Enhancements For Power-Critical Facilities

In addition to these five core innovations, the product also offers many enhancements for large, power-critical facilities. The ION9000 is an essential tool for preventative maintenance, as it provides real-time views of energy consumption, power quality, and power network status. The meter helps avoid outages, equipment damage, failures and interruption of critical operations.

Productivity is key in power-critical facilities, and the ION9000 is an efficient, productive, and optimized power network. The meter’s smart power analysis provides crucial diagnostic information, as well as increasing the reliability and lifespan of equipment. It is also important to note that it is the only meter that complies with all three of the latest power quality standards, including the IEC61000-4-30, IEC62586-1, and IEC62586-2.


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