Schneider Electric’s New Role in Global Sustainability

Discover how Schneider Critical Systems is positively impacting the planet.

Chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, recently released a statement announcing Schneider Electric’s decision to join the Climate Leadership Council as a founding member. “It is our corporate duty to fight climate change triggered by carbon emissions. This means embarking on aggressive initiatives, cutting our emission in half by 2050 by being more energy efficient, and driving digitization to help us achieve this goal,” stated Tricoire. Read on to discover how Schneider Electric plans to positively impact our environment and continue to change the world!

Providing Access to Energy

Nearly 1.1 billion people currently lack access to modern energy. At Schneider Electric, we believe that everyone on the planet should have access to reliable, safe, and sustainable energy. We plan to contribute to poverty alleviation and environmental protection by developing inclusive, innovating, and economically sustainable business models.

Addressing Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty occurs when a person can’t heat his or her home at an acceptable cost. Schneider Electric has made it a mission to intervene through programs that encompass both social and innovative solutions. Recently, the Schneider Electric Foundation has renewed its commitment to fight fuel poverty in Europe. On June 12th, they launched a call to select 15 social entrepreneurs to promote energy sustainability in five European countries.

Commitment to Diversity

Schneider Electric understands that a global initiative cannot be successful without a commitment to diversity. All Schneider Electric entities are obliged to develop diversity and inclusion action that cover areas such as gender and cultural diversities while meeting local regulations and addressing prevalent issues.


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