Steps for Successful Smart Building Automation

Follow these steps for successful smart building automation!

Follow these steps for successful smart building automation!

Commercial building automation is becoming more popular every year, as businesses continue to see the potential benefits of their investment. Are you considering adding building automation to your commercial space? Here’s what you need to know before you get started!

Create a Cost Analysis

First, you should be able to demonstrate the cost savings as a result of smart building automation. Even small upgrades, like switching to LED lighting, can make a very significant difference to your bottom line. Include every potential part of a smart building automation system from air handlers, to lights, to chillers.

Focus on Relationships

Many CEOs are skeptical of making the significant investment in smart building automation. In those cases, it’s especially important to focus on key stakeholder relationships. Do the IT staff understand why the upgrades to become a smart building are so important? Take the time to talk with everyone important at your company about what upgrading to a smart building will consist of and why it’s so important. Working one-on-one with people will make a massive difference.

Use Open Source Solutions

Any technology that your business is investing in should be able to grow and adapt as your business and the world around you does. This means that, in many cases, open source solutions are the best possible ones. Open source solutions are any building automation solutions that can work independently or as part of a bigger integrated system. It’s always a good idea to choose an open source solution over a proprietary or branded system that might not be around for very long.

Take it Easy

Finally, you should also take it easy when you are creating a successful smart building. Instead of taking all of the steps at once, you should make the transition as slow and steady as possible. It’s much easier to adapt to one new workday process than have your entire workday and work system altered.

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