Strategies To Modernize Data Center Infrastructure

Strategies To Modernize Data Center Infrastructure

Updates and modifications to modernize data center infrastructure is an inevitable aspect of its lifecycle and is most necessary to improve computing abilities and avoid potential downtime.

The best technological solutions are contingent on using the right hardware as much as software or as-a-service components. Therefore, it’s critical to modernize and future-proof data center infrastructure in order to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of companies and their clients. Whether the data center infrastructure in question is an on-site micro data center or a campus providing colocation data services, managing the physical hardware assets remains an immense priority. Updates and modifications to modernize data center infrastructure is an inevitable aspect of its lifecycle and is most necessary to improve computing abilities and avoid potential downtime. Further, we can use building integration systems and cutting-edge analytics to assist managers in leveling up their data center infrastructure.

Organize For Scalability and Availability

A hallmark of modern data centers, and most other facilities, is adaptability. As such, the data center infrastructure must be able to support the evolving and growing needs surrounding data capturing, storing, and analysis. Scalability concerns the facility’s capability to take on more data and perform higher-level processing. The quality of data service should also be reliable to all, with the expectation that there will always be more data to accommodate. This mindset of expansion should be paired with one that identifies and implements efficiencies with the hardware architecture.

Plan For Power Protection

The service availability aspect is only a portion of operating data centers. Power protection measures ensure electric power availability and reliability. Most data center infrastructure accounts for redundancy measures to keep highly-critical data centers and their networks up and running. When modernizing your existing infrastructure, assess which systems and servers are most critical. Invest greater levels of redundancy in these separate systems to improve its availability in the event of an outage.

Apply Precision Cooling Technology

Advanced cooling technology is also a must-have in modern data centers. Leverage IoT-connected devices and smart technology to help you identify where you should concentrate your efforts. Temperature sensors monitor and detect hotspots among your infrastructure so you can deploy more resources to combat the heat spike without jeopardizing the rest of your server system.

Account for Industry-Specific Needs

To an extent, industry-specific requirements impact how data center infrastructure is designed and implemented. It’s more likely that managers will need to understand these needs so they understand how they can best support it. For example, healthcare organizations have increased their reliance on accessing and sharing electronic health records. The hardware must be able to support data backups and archiving procedures, along with other needs to ensure near-constant uptime.

Oversee The Ecosystem with EcoStruxure IT Expert

Using EcoStrucure IT Expert from Schneider Electric is the ideal platform to make modernizing your data center infrastructure a seamless experience. Plus, it can keep you informed on various system conditions, performance, and other insights to help you stay on top of optimizing your data facility. With EcoStruxure IT Expert, never second-guess the health and efficiency of your data center infrastructure.


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