The Smart Way to Update Equipment and Modernize Buildings

The Smart Way to Update Equipment and Modernize Buildings

There comes the point in time when you must invest in improvements to modernize buildings.

When you put off upgrading your facility’s systems and equipment, you are doing a great disservice to your organization and the clients you serve. There are several products and software solutions available that you can implement to give your workplace modern smart building-like capabilities. Even if you acquired a turnkey facility, there comes the point in time when you must invest in improvements to modernize buildings. In general, there are three ways facility managers respond when faced with this issue, with one of them being the smarter way to modernize buildings.

Don’t: Ignore and Wait

Many facilities are guilty of putting off updates and necessary retrofits to keep their workplace functioning at a high level. It’s not that these facility managers and building engineers completely ignore the need for periodic updates, either. However, one can overlook these necessary maintenance needs until the equipment has reached a critical state of malfunction. And depending on the average lifecycle of the equipment, it comes sooner than they anticipate. Delaying updates to infrastructure can severely reduce power reliability. Delays in the present will only set you up for downtime in the future.

Don’t: Risky Overhaul

In the opposite camp of the ignore and wait group, you’ll find people who are eager to get brand new equipment. Their mindset is to go through a facility-wide overhaul of the technology and systems so that everything can be upgraded and replaced with the latest. While this approach does grant them the peace of mind of working with the newest and advanced equipment, it’s not without any drawbacks. The upfront costs of such extensive replacements will be significant, compounded on downtime to actually complete the new installations.

Do: Retrofit Equipment

The best way to go about modernizing buildings is to retrofit equipment and systems over time. After performing an inspection of your facility’s equipment and infrastructure, you can determine a schedule to implement targeted upgrades in phases. Sometimes, older gear is fine to keep but could greatly benefit your operations with the addition of some smart sensors or meters. This approach to modernizing your building spaces out the financial investment into these changes while largely reducing the need for prolonged downtime. As you update your building equipment, make it a point to use open-architecture solutions that will seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment but can just as easily adapt to the new technology to come.


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