Top 5 Trends In Building Automation

Check out the top five trends in building automation.

Check out the top five trends in building automation.

Taking note of trends and seeing how they can be used for long-term solutions is necessary for any industry and especially for building automation. Building trends might be short-lived, but a lot can be learned from them. Not to mention they often reflect the values and world around you, so taking note can make a difference in the effectiveness of your system long term.

Network Integration

Once upon a time building automation was kept to separate closed blocks where different systems function individually despite being part of the same larger whole. Now automation is beginning to integrate more systems that bring access control units, elevators, fire alarms and more all into the same network. This new method is far more effective as it allows the whole system within a building to work together for a fully compatible platform.

Wireless Capabilities

Everything from cell phones to printers has become wireless, and building automation systems are no exception. Not only does wireless functionality make installation and modifications easier, but it makes remote operation more possible.

Well Developed Applications

With the massive amounts of data that building automation technology accrues new methods to analyze and display it are desperately needed. There is a lot of data collected every day that could be used to help develop better, more efficient systems if only it was being used.

Open Communication

Big companies are beginning to see the benefits of keeping data and code sources open. This change is huge for the industry because it allows IT workers to focus on developing better systems for platforms of all sizes.

User Experience

With everyday consumers becoming more and more used to high functionality and usability, professional products are forced to take note. The demand for ease of use in building automation has never been higher, and we can expect to see huge changes to the efficiency levels of products.     

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