Using Smart Office Building Tools to Optimize the Workplace

Using Smart Office Building Tools to Optimize the Workplace

Here are some ways a smart office building using EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor can improve your workplace for employee well-being and operational efficiency.

Your workplace is one of your company’s greatest assets. When you use the right tools and technology, you can amplify the value you can get from the connected work environment. This brings us to the smart office building and the integrated tools an organization can use to manage and optimize the workplace. What’s more, these solutions have been rolling out to smart office buildings but could prove even more useful in a post-COVID19 office work environment. Here are some ways a smart office building using EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor can improve your workplace for employee well-being and operational efficiency.

Adapt to Occupancy Levels

Like many other smart building environments, a smart office building will have IoT connected devices and sensors installed throughout different areas. These devices can capture information on the building or given room’s occupancy levels. During these re-opening stages, specifically, companies experience reduced occupancy levels to meet safety guidelines or accommodate reduced operations. Not only can facility managers stay vigilant over the occupancy limit, but they can also use the smart office building tools to adjust ambient conditions for occupant comfort and indoor air quality control. Individual room controllers work great for this, too, to deliver precise conditions while working within higher-level building functions.

Avoid Overcrowding

Even under normal conditions, overcrowding in a facility can create an unproductive workplace. Further, overcrowding doesn’t necessarily just mean too many bodies in a place, but it can also mean there aren’t enough resources to go around to give everyone optimal space to work. In a post-COVID19 workplace, keeping sufficient social distancing will be an ongoing challenge. It will be made more challenging to uphold safe distancing in most indoor spaces, like an office, even with reduced occupancy levels (and that’s all the more reason to monitor occupancy levels). Smart office building tools collect data on where employees spend their time (workstations, cafeteria, collaborative spaces, etc.) to give facility managers better insight. These insights can then support the enforcement of interim guidelines and policies to reduce the likelihood of overcrowding an area of the facility.

Create Greater Space Efficiency

The predictive capabilities of smart office building analytics are immensely useful too. Namely, the technology can take all of the collected data and guess occupancy and usage patterns. Your organization can see and anticipate when desk spaces are underutilized or when meeting rooms are likely to be booked up. Again, these insights can allow your organization to make informed choices on how to rearrange the office layout or if it’s worth purchasing more units of heavily-used equipment. Smart office building programs also collect and distribute real-time information on resource availability. Your employees can refer to a connected app through a personal device to see what workspaces and equipment are open or in use at any given moment.

EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor for Your Smarter Workplace and Workforce

EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor from Schneider Electric can convert your workplace into a smart office. Build it into your new office building, or retrofit your existing infrastructure with the smart system. Offices are always looking for ways to reduce facility service costs while improving productivity and space efficiency. The Workplace Advisor can deliver workplace insights and give your employees the tools to perform at their best.


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