Well-Being Work Culture At Schneider Electric

 Learn about the well-being work culture at Schneider Electric!

Learn about the well-being work culture at Schneider Electric!

Developing a culture of well-being is very important to Schneider Electric, as we believe that focusing on mental health, reducing stress, and physical fitness is essential for keeping our employees happy and healthy. Continue reading to learn more about the well-being programs at Schneider Electric and why they are such an important part of our work culture.

Healthy Companies In America

In 2018, Schneider Electric was named one of the Healthiest Companies in America by Interactive Health, marking our fourth year in a row on the list! To be recognized, a company must reach or exceed a 70% participation rate in a workplace wellness program, and their workforce’s overall health risk must be low, based on the results of an annual health evaluation. As one of the 151 companies recognized last year, we have seen the benefits of higher productivity, lower medical costs, fewer workers’ compensation and disability claims, and reduced absenteeism. Schneider Electric is very proud of this honor, as our employees have worked hard to make significant changes to improve their health and well-being.

Engaged Employees

Last year, Schneider Electric was also recognized by the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index at the gold level because we make creating a culture of well-being extremely high on our priority list. Many of our employees are very motivated to manage their health; in fact, an impressive 87% of U.S. employees participate in an annual health evaluation, most have completed our well-being training, and we have over 90 Well-being Champions that plan healthy activities at each of our locations.

Inspiring Stories From Employees

While it is great to be recognized for company achievements, the best reward of the well-being work culture at Schneider Electric is the many inspiring personal stories from our employees. Many workers have stated that the convenient wellness health assessment essentially saved their lives, as they found out they had a genetic defect, Metabolic Syndrome, or another life-threatening medical risk. With this information, they had the motivation to begin a healthier lifestyle by losing weight and exercising more frequently. Others shared their appreciativeness for wellness programs offered at Schneider Electric, such as workout classes, online dieting courses, and in-office competitions to allow employees to get some exercise during the workday. These programs proved to be very popular and were a great way to motivate employees to exercise and learn healthy lifestyle tips they will use for the rest of their lives!


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