Why Commercial Buildings Use Individual Digital Room Controllers

Why Commercial Buildings Use Individual Digital Room Controllers

Achieving efficiency in commercial buildings of all sorts requires one common element: control.

It seems that every conversation we have about commercial buildings includes discussion on efficiency. After all, efficiency is what drives better asset use, lowered costs, and less environmental impact. Achieving efficiency in commercial buildings of all sorts requires one common element: control. Putting high-levels of control into the hands of facility managers and even individual building inhabitants empowers them to make the right degree of adjustments for their operations. Smart commercial buildings tend to use building management systems to regulate and automate building performance for efficiency. Yet, the emergent trend in the building industry indicates commercial buildings adopting individual digital room controllers as a better means to control their work environments.

Occupant Comfort

Individual digital room controllers can be programmed to control the lights, cooling and heating, ventilation, and automatic blinds your facility may have installed in a given room. Adjusting these factors make any space more accommodating for occupant comfort. Further, the level required or desired by occupants does vary depending on room use, time of day, level of occupancy, and a whole host of other variables. For example, it’s very likely that commercial buildings will be operating at lowered or reduced capacity in the coming months, but gradually changing. Ambient conditions of one or a few rooms will need adjusting, which is easily done through the individual digital room controllers.

Energy Savings

With individual digital room controllers, each unique room configuration within commercial buildings can be directly controlled to suit occupant needs, maximizing energy-efficiency. Plus, the rooms can be automatically programmed to adjust HVAC, lighting, and window blinds, further optimizing the room to save energy (temperature change, blinds shielding from sunlight, dimming lights, etc.) based on instantaneous room-reading sensors. Therefore, there’s hardly ever a moment where the room isn’t running at optimal conditions.

Flexible Installation and Software Solutions

The devices themselves are non-intrusive to install, with wireless and wired options compatible with existing wiring. Retrofitting or new construction projects can both easily incorporate digital room controllers. There’s the option to install it as a stand-alone or zoned product, as well as integrate the devices with broader building management systems. Additionally, the hardware uses an open system, thus allowing for more customizable and interoperable software controls. The option to control the devices as such affords the commercial buildings to lower operating costs.

More Resilient Than Centralized System

The resiliency of commercial buildings and their systems matter. Indeed, centralized control systems provide a ton of benefits for any facility. However, individual digital room controllers can also act independently from a central management system. In the event the central control system fails, single rooms can still be controlled from the source. If an individual room controller fails, it’s a quick and straightforward replacement job that won’t impact other areas of a facility during downtime. After a new controller is installed, the present room controls can be reconfigured with the saved room presets.

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