Why Does the World Need Zero Energy Buildings?

Discover what it means to call a building “Zero Energy” and how the game is changing for the better.

Discover what it means to call a building “Zero Energy” and how the game is changing for the better.

As technology continues to evolve every day, the emphasis placed on energy efficiency has transformed from a possibility into a necessity. The vital need to reduce emissions and regulate the environment has led to drastic changes in the building sector, from management to integration. The concept of Zero Energy Buildings or Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) is quickly gaining momentum for environmentally conscious consumers and companies such as Schneider Electric. Discover what it means to call a building “Zero Energy” and how the game is changing for the better.

Zero Energy Building – Defined

An NZEB is an efficient structure that produces as much energy as it consumes. These buildings contribute less greenhouse gas to the atmosphere than similar non-zero energy buildings. The European Union and other agreeing countries have set a goal to produce all buildings under nZEB (nearly zero energy building) standards by 2020. All California new construction must meet NZEB standards by 2030.

The Benefits

Aside from reducing greenhouse gases, and freeing buildings from their dependence on fossil fuels, there are a variety of other benefits that come from producing an NZEB.

— Net Zero Energy Buildings are 60-90% over energy efficiency baselines. This means that the project will save your corporation money over the entire lifecycle of the equipment use. Money won’t have to be allocated towards energy and maintenance costs.

— An NZEB can create a safer, more intelligent building that, in turn, provides a more stable and healthy environment for the people who use it.

— When a person comes in contact with an NZEB, he or she is becoming educated on the necessity for energy saving practices. NZEBs are considered an educational tool for the entire world.

Schneider Electric Critical Systems is proud to be working on one of the largest commercial/office net zero projects on the east coast. United Therapeutics’ new headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland will meet net zero energy consumption requirements through a number of cutting-edge designs and programs, including photovoltaic energy harvesting, rainwater collection, electrochromic glass, geothermal heat recovery, earth labyrinth cooling, and plant optimization software.


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