Would You Know if Your Building Needed Power Quality Solutions?

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Would you know if your building needed power quality solutions?

Would you know if your building needed power quality solutions? Power outages and fluctuations can do damage to your bottom line. Older buildings can have overload circuits and faulty, out-of-date wiring that leads to costly repairs. When you’re aware of your facility’s energy and power usage, it puts you one step closer to running a more efficient and sustainable building. Here are five critical signs that your facility requires power quality solutions. 

Electronic Data Loss/Corruption

Digitization makes life more convenient. Facilities are only as successful and efficient as their ability to access data quickly. Power quality issues such as surges, high voltage spikes, and blackouts not only stop productivity but they’re particularly dangerous to smaller machines. Too much electricity could cause the programs to overload. As a result, data becomes erased, distorted, or corrupted, resulting in years’ worth of data loss with a single power bump. By hiring Schneider Critical Systems, you can prevent this from happening to your facility.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights stem from high voltage spikes, power sags, electrical line noise, or brownouts (lowering the voltage to limit power) at your facility. If your lights never seem to stop flickering, this is an indication that you need severe power quality solutions. 

Burned Circuit Boards

Circuit boards hold a lot of power. High voltage spikes and power surges cause the circuit board to burn out when your facility’s power doesn’t have the proper regulation and generates an abnormal amount of heat. Burned circuit boards result in loss of data. Depending on your equipment’s condition, it can be difficult or impossible to retrieve this data, which is why power quality solutions are so critical to your facility

Equipment Shutdown

Emergency generators come in handy when there is a blackout in any building, whether commercial or residential—however, emergency generators starting causes a varying frequency in power sources. Most facilities reach their peak usage during the summer(considering how much harder HVAC systems work during this season). When this happens, voltage power needs lowering in a process that we call a brownout. A blackout refers to when a power outage lasts more than two cycles. In both brownouts and blackouts, larger machines can slow down, lock up, or stop entirely, resulting in expensive downtime costs and equipment replacement costs. 

Complete Blackouts

If your business has had many blackouts, this issue can no longer go under the rug. If you’re tripping breakers regularly, it’s evident that your facility has a problem with the electrical load that it can handle. The thing to consider is that many facilities predate power quality solutions, but that is why Schneider Critical is here. Your building can distribute power efficiently so that constant power surges don’t cost you money, time, and productivity. 

We’ve kept many government facilities safe, secure, efficient, and managed properly for over a decade. Allow Schneider Critical to take care of your facility so that you can have peace of mind and get back to focusing on your business’s daily operations.


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