Building Integration

From the amount of energy your building uses to what you spend on that energy, your building’s occupants are directly affected by your decisions. Our building integration services and products, including building management software, lighting control systems, and energy monitoring systems, incorporate your seemingly disparate systems into a single system, giving you an optimized, smarter, and energy-efficient building.

We are a well-versed, experienced systems integrator, used to working with cutting-edge, large-scale enterprise solutions. Below are details on our integration platform, EcoStruxure™. For more information on our full suite of building integration services, please contact us.


To make an impact on your bottom line, energy efficiency must go beyond the device level and include a system level approach.

This thought process is why Schneider Electric created EcoStruxure. EcoStruxure allows for integration with third party and existing systems through open protocols that include BACnet, Modbus, and LON via TCP/IP or MSTP. Ecostruxure may be used to integrate full campuses to improve energy management levels, including lighting control, SCADA, photovoltaic monitoring, shade control, security, power monitoring, and more.

EcoStruxure systems are simplified, reduce waste, and save money by enabling a guaranteed compatibility between the management of five key domains: power, data centers, building controls, security, and process and machines. EcoStruxure is not a product, but rather an approach to create an intelligent energy management system within your facility.

With EcoStruxure, you can achieve up to a 30% reduction in your energy costs through systematic energy monitoring and real time control of all energy usage. Energy waste in all forms, from electricity and water to mechanical and human, can be measured and mitigated. EcoStruxure reference architectures are proven, tested, documented and supported so you enjoy faster deployment and a single point of accountability at no extra cost.

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