Data Centers

Proper management of your data center—including round-the-clock availability of UPS, power distribution, generators, and cooling systems—is critical to ensuring the continuous readiness of your data. Through our end-to-end data center management solution, which includes our EcoStruxure Data Center Operation system, we can provide a single source through which to view and control all aspects of your data center’s performance. Read below for examples of our work in the data center management space and contact us for help providing the 100% uptime your customers require.

RagingWire VA2

Ashburn, VA
140,000 sq ft of data center space, including 70,000 sq ft of raised floor space
Implemented several systems and integrated into one control system

Raging Wire VA2 is the second wholesale data center campus we worked on for Raging Wire. The building is cooled through a centralized chiller plant with both airside and waterside economization and an N + 2 redundant configuration that uses evaporative cooling with well, reclaimed, and utility water. The building includes a SCADA system, critical data center space, and non-critical office space.

We implemented a number of systems and integrated them into a central data center management system, including incorporating a SCADA system control with their Citect platform and non-critical facility controls and controlling it with our Continuum control line. The plant and building’s critical components use our Modicon PLC control solution. We began our work in October 2015 and completed it in June 2016.