Our History

Who are we?

Schneider Electric Buildings Critical Systems, Inc. (SEBCSI) was started in Columbia, Maryland in 2004. We are an extension of our parent company, the global Schneider Electric. Like them, we are experienced in building management systems and electronic security systems.

We focus on commercial, data center, and Federal projects in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC areas. Due to our demonstrated experience on a range of US Government projects, we can provide building automation, security, and integration services to US Government buildings around the world.

Read below for more information on the mission that drives everything we do, and contact us for assistance improving the energy efficiency of your buildings. If you would like more information about becoming part of our team, visit our Careers page.

What is our mission?

We work hard to engage all those we encounter daily: our people, our customers, and our market.


Here, people come first. We pride ourselves on fostering an engaging work environment while maintaining a competitive foothold in our industry. We strive to attract and develop the best talent in the business, including many who served in the military. Our goal—to deliver innovative solutions and make every building secure, efficient, and effectively managed—can only be realized through our people.


Keeping our customers satisfied is at the heart of all we do. Whether we are working directly with an owner or their general contractor, mechanical contractor, developer, or consultant, we keep their needs first and in line with the rigorous standards of the construction industry. From technical support to customer service, we care about your business needs. We are here to help our customers anytime, anywhere.


In a demanding environment with an increasing focus on improving energy management while saving money, we customize solutions for specific market applications with the goal of reducing a building’s overall energy consumption. Our people do this in multiple markets using their extensive knowledge, capabilities, and passion.


“Delivering innovation that will make every building secure, efficient, and effectively managed”